Radford Investment Properties is one of the few multi-family investors that weathered the economic downturn and continued to keep their apartment portfolio highly occupied without giving away major concessions or reduced rents.

They understand how to add value with hands-on management, leasing and capital improvement expertise.

All of the properties I’ve financed for Radford Investment Properties have performed well.  I’m looking forward to working with them on more acquisition financing and so are their lenders. Peter Keeper
Principal, Essex Financial Group, LLC
Greenwood Village, CO

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  • About Radford Property & Investment Services

    Since 2001, Radford Investment Properties has provided the highest level of quality, service, and investment returns to its clients and investors. Our portfolio of currently owned and managed investments consists of fourteen multifamily buildings totaling over 500 units.  The distinguishing feature of the portfolio is its potential for repositioning via value add renovations or other means.  Our geographic area of expertise is in Colorado with a specialty in Metro Denver and Colorado Springs.

    Our Values

    At Radford, our goal is to provide the highest investment return possible to investors and clients by being the best, most innovative investor / owner / re-developer of quality real estate assets in the markets in which we operate.  Our ability to achieve this goal is rooted in our commitment to quality.  This commitment to quality extends to our people, our projects, and our process.

    The combination of experience, project expertise, and management process is the foundation of our ability to provide our clients and investors with the highest level of service.  Additionally, this foundation provides us the unique ability to execute projects of all sizes and virtually unlimited complexity.  Radford has always delivered above and beyond the services required to perform the task. Finally, the principals of our firm are directly involved in the day-to-day operation of our organization and interaction with our clients. The result is strong relationships with leading investment brokerage firms, the multifamily lending community, construction companies, private investment firms and its own investors.

    Our Team

    Greg Morris, Owner and Principal

    Mr Morris is the founder, owner, and managing member of Radford Investment Properties. Starting his career in real estate in the middle of the last real estate crisis in 1992 he worked for the REO disposition group at Coopers Price Waterhouse Read More

    Michael Foerster - MBA, Principal

    Michael draws on over 14 years of experience in the real estate and construction industries, well-established international contacts, a deep base of analytical skills, economic knowledge and operational experience to provide stakeholders with yield-oriented solutions backed by well-founded assumptions, detailed analyses, and extensive due diligence. Read More

    Shire Property Management

    Shire Property Services LLC is a affiliated property management and renovation company formed in 2010. The company was created to perform property management and property improvement functions for the Radford-owned portfolio Read More

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    Multifamily Redevelopment -

    14 multi-family buildings totaling 538 residential units, 4 commercial/retail units and 105 parking spaces. 173 of the units are in senior and assisted living housing. Read More

    Multifamily Redevelopment -

    This portfolio is comprised of 412 residential units, 25 commercial units and 62 parking spaces and garages. The properties in Saarbruecken are multi-family homes located throughout the city center with some commercial units and retail shops on the ground floor. The Cologne portfolio encompasses mostly properties around the periphery or suburbs of cologne with very short commutes to Cologne city. Read More

    Multifamily Redevelopment -

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