Case Study: Golden Triangle Loft

Investment Type:  Distressed Property Acquisition

Starting in 2008, Radford Investments began working with a London based investor with significant capital looking to invest in distressed property.  At the same time, the home owner's association of a new high-end condominium building located in the Golden Triangle near downtown Denver was in the process of suing the developer of the project for construction defects.  Because the lawsuit became part of the public record, it became impossible for financial institutions to loan money on the condominium units until the litigation was resolved.  We saw an opportunity to leverage the investor's ability to purchase using cash.  In addition to the financing problems at the project, there were several units in the property in various stages of foreclosure.  Sub prime lenders had financed a large percentage of the original sales and the foreclosure units were the inevitable fallout from some of the bad loans.  To date, the client has been able to acquire eight units at deep discounts, in some cases, almost half what the original prices were in the mid 2000's.  After purchase, the investor has renovated the units and is currently renting them successfully.  The lawsuit was settled in 2010 and values are finding their way back up now that conventional mortgage financing can be obtained.  The key to this investment was looking at a situation that most people would see as a negative (the lawsuit and possible construction defects) and understanding that it represented a unique buying opportunity.