Michael Foerster, Principal

Michael Foerster, a native to the state of Colorado, completed his undergraduate studies with a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management at Colorado State University, before moving to the Cologne area of Germany in 1999.  Once there, Michael quickly learned German and worked in several short-term capacities before delving into the construction and residential real estate development industries.  First, he worked for a leading international construction company (STRABAG AG) as a site manager for a €15m turn-key commercial building in Bonn and later as a project manager building turn-key multi and single-family housing for Europe’s fifth largest real estate asset manager (CORPUS-SIREO).  Michael worked on a management team responsible for the construction and sale of 272 units with a sales value of €52.1m

Following his belief in life-long learning, Michael studied International Business Management at the Escuela de Alta Dirección y Administración (EADA) in Barcelona, Spain, completing his MBA and successive studies in Real Estate Investment Management at the European Business School (EBS), in Östrich-Winkel, Germany.  Michael then joined the newly formed asset management team of VIVACON AG (Cologne, Germany), focusing on asset acquisitions and residential real estate asset management.  Michael acquired board approval for the acquisition of 12,000 units (€360m) on company account and 5,000 units (€170m) for a leasehold/freehold joint venture (FORUM PARTNERS/VIVACON AG). 

Michael recently completed his tenure as Managing Director and CEO of a 5,000 unit, $220m residential real estate portfolio in Germany (WIAG Wohnimmobilien AG). In this capacity, Michael restructured the finances and management of the company’s multi-family real estate portfolio, managing over 25 employees and other professionals across all real estate disciplines. 

Michael takes a value added approach to investments.  He draws on over 14 years of experience in the real estate and construction industries, well-established international contacts, a deep base of analytical skills, economic knowledge and operational experience.  Michael provides investors and stakeholders yield-oriented solutions backed by well-founded assumptions, detailed analyses and extensive due diligence.  Michael serves on the Start-Living Investment Committee (Cologne, Germany) and is fluent in German and highly proficient in Spanish.  Michael joined Radford Investments in the Fall of 2012 and received his Real Estate Broker’s license in February of 2013.

Michael's German Case Studies

Halle an der Salle
An apartment and assisted living residential portfolio located in a B city, Halle an der Saale in Eastern Germany, is comprised of eleven high-rise buildings, holding 2,698 residential units and 11 commercial/retail units. Read more >>

14 multi-family buildings totaling 538 residential units, 4 commercial/retail units and 105 parking spaces. 173 of the units are in senior and assisted living housing. Read more >>

Cologne and Saarbruecken
This portfolio is comprised of 412 residential units, 25 commercial units and 62 parking spaces and garages. The properties in Saarbruecken are multi-family homes located throughout the city center with some commercial units and retail shops on the ground floor. The Cologne portfolio encompasses mostly properties around the periphery or suburbs of cologne with very short commutes to Cologne city. Read more >>

This portfolio is comprised of partially refurbished pre-fabricated GDR building blocks between 4 and 11 stories high, holding 1,052 residential units, 5 commercial/retail units, and 392 parking spaces. Read more >>

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