Shire Property Management & Renovation Services

Shire Property Services LLC is an affiliated property management and renovation company formed in 2010. The company was created to perform property management and property improvement functions for the Radford-owned portfolio. The principals of Shire Property Services have over 10 years of direct leasing and property management experience as well as a background in construction and home improvement.

Since taking over the property management functions for the Radford owned portfolio in 2010, total income has increased an average of 8.62% per year including an 18% increase for the largest property in the portfolio in the 1st year. Shire was able to affect these above market rent increases with a determined focus on reducing turnover time and targeted property upgrades. In addition to the owned portfolio property improvements, Shire has managed several total property renovations of single family and condo projects. Shire has managed a full range of property improvements for virtually all of the Colorado-based case studies.