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Radford Investment Properties has a reputation in the apartment brokerage community as a company that closes deals and make money for it's clients and investors.  They have demonstrated the ability to cosistantly buy premium properties at below market prices.  It is clear from my dealings with this company that they take thier time and do thier homework.John Laratta
Hendricks & Partners
Denver, CO

Property Investment Strategy

Our desire at Radford is to acquire quality real estate assets at below market prices, make efficient value add renovations or additions, and execute dispositions when the market conditions are most favorable.  A central tenant of our investment philosophy is flexibility.  We believe in making investments that give us the ability to make course corrections midstream to take advantage of changing market tides.  To this end all investments we are involved in, without exception, have the potential for significant value increases.  We also seek to invest in urban infill locations that minimize risk of competition and maximize the geographic appeal to our target market.  We believe the current economic crisis has created one of the best buying opportunities in decades.  We are seeing excellent acquisition opportunities every day created by the rapidly changing economic climate in Colorado and Metro Denver.

Radford has executed its investment strategy successfully on a wide variety of projects.  In addition to acquiring its current “for rent” portfolio, we have renovated and sold several apartment properties and several one-off townhome and single-family properties.

We have sought to enhance our ability to hold quality real estate assets by establishing strong financial relationships with both debt and equity sources.  Radford has longstanding relationships and partnerships with the leading investment brokerage firms, the multi-family lending community, construction companies, and other private investment firms.